Brand Management

We have vast experience in developing company brands and selecting just the right products for promoting it to the public. Our innovative and exclusive on line Brand Management program provides a quick and easy way to access and order products in your program and generate report to help monitor stock levels.

Uniforms and corporate apparel can be held in our warehouse and pulled by size and quantities as needed. We can add names and logos to garments on a per order basis.


Branded items such as coffee mugs, hats, or folding chairs are warehoused by Unique Solutions Group and shipped to your locations within the city, province, or country! Your managers can order what they need from your stock, we pick the order, pack it, and ship it you them. Your company is sent a copy of what was sent and a report on existing stock. Easy to use, and costs a fraction of internal costs from your staff counting, monitoring, shipping and reporting. Let us take care of that for you.