USG Rewards Program Your Rewards Store

In today’s market, an efficient, organized company can be the key to staying on top of an already demanding business climate. The most effective way to accomplish this is to maintain knowledgeable, dedicated staff working within your team. Valued employees in demand important to keep. The USG Rewards program will help you retain existing people and recruit new ones. 

Our 5 step cycle...

Recognize achievements

Reward their efforts

Redeem points for a personally chosen gift

Receive the item, delivered to their workplace for all to admire

Results from achievements that were recognized

Protect and promote.

To help promote the Rewards and Recognition program as a benefit, a custom-built secure website is developed. The site offers a page that can be utilized for promoting up and coming events, a message from the president or any other information you may want to relay. It can be accessed only by persons given a user name and who have an established password registered. The system follows the rules and regulations of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act of Canada (FOIPP) ensuring that the personal information of your people is always protected.

Saving time.

Using this system will eliminate the time and costs associated with searching for rewards and recognition gifts. The administrative personnel usually responsible for this task can devote their time to other projects. The orders, delivery of the products, and any issues are dealt with directly by Unique Solutions Group and the associate placing the order. No administration is required by the company with the exception of allocating points, and adding and deleting employees from the system.

Real value.

Unlike committees that choose a generic gift for all, the employee can choose an item with real value that suites their needs and lifestyle.

Retaining valued employees.

Retaining a valued employee for a significant amount of time can be a challenge. Allowing them to accumulate points over an extended period ensures their continued loyalty.


Saving money.

It is our experience that, on average, points that are redeemed represents merely 30% of the points put into the system on an annual basis. Since the company is billed for the value of points redeemed once the product has been delivered, the company spends only a fraction of their budget each year. In addition, if an employee leaves the company, the employee’s account is made inactive and the unspent points are not billed to the employer.

Inspiring loyalty.

Offering points to a new recruit can put the company at a substantial advantage compared to their competitor. People are looking to work for a company that supports long-term employment and recognizes talented, hardworking individuals. Most often, it is difficult for a manager to reward someone who has extended himself for a specific project. With this system, each manager can be given a monthly or yearly budget to do just that. The reward is instant and gratifying for everyone. This promotes a strong team and dedicated people.